Reality is an utterly astrabct concept when it comes to that packaged for the masses by a selected bunch of few people at the top of our society. Again, we face the fact that the masses have been forever “educated” on all topics regulating their lives by a bunch of individuals that appear to have always been at the top of our social structures.

Who put them there? What is their real agenda? Why is it that commoners are grown into slaves to them? Whether via employer, bank, government, all of us common people, those not belonging to royalty or the super rich class that ruled the world forever, we are to obey someone else. But they don’t.

So, what’s going on here? What is real?

WelI, yesterday I went with my husband to a David Icke event. I cannot tell you how much of what he said finally put together scattered pieces into a finished picture. Whilst many other people have written wonderful books on cosmic consciousness, David connects the dot with the others. He is deemed as mad, bad by some: all people that never read any of his books and cannot reject his claims on the basis of any evidence. I trust out there are incredible minds, open and bright: I urge all of you to take a look into the possibility he envisions to us, by reading some of his books, watching a DVD, attend one of his events. What you will come home with, is a sense of better understanding of what you are and what is going on around you!

This man spoke sense: mankind is not a race of beings limited by the body limits. God is not what we have been taught, but energy, much alike that of love (in all religions God is love, so that to an extent relates to what we partially have been taught over millennia). It’s consciousness, infinite awareness into which we can tap if we rid of those limitations we impose unto ourselves. In a few words, we are made of that energy which is pure love.

Think of it: we are made of molecules, atoms. It doesn’t matter that we can only see flesh, reality is that a bunch of atoms stick together giving shape to our physical bodies. But we aren’t those bodies. We cannot see love, but we feel it. We cannot see pain, but we feel it. It doesn’t matter what the scientific explanation of both might be, reality is that both love and pain are energy we produce and energy measures in electro magnetic waves.

We vibrate, at a specific frequency; when we feel love, when we feel pain, anger and so on. These frequencies change: love makes us vibrate at a higher pitch, hate and pain to the lowest. The lowest we vibrate, the less we can tap into that infinite consciousness, or else energy, love if you wish, to acquire awareness. Lower frequencies (pain, anger, etc) weaken us and cause illnesses: we know for sure stress can kill people or generate what are called psychosomatic pathologies. So the man is not talking rubbish! It all makes sense and in recent years more and more alternative doctors have explained over and over about how these vibrations generate from particular points of our body. Acupuncture is actually based on unblocking these energy flows. And it works! So, again, the man is not speaking nonsense.

We were taught – by an elite composed of people with interests in lying to us, so to be able to exploit us – that common people are born to grow, be “educated” (always following what the elite decides we need be taught, of course) and then go work for others. No matter the amount of money and material success we achieve, we are enslaved to the elite: if not via employer, then it’s via banks, or a government. We always have to obey someone.

What if it was all a lie, perpetuated since the dawn of society by a bunch of creatures who came from elsewhere? Is it far fetched to think that we might not be alone in the vastity of the universe? If we think that our planet is as big as a billionth of the pin of a needle, just in our universe, then we can see we cannot possibly be alone. Other types of intelligent creatures, as intelligent as us, must be around.

David Icke gathered an incredible amount of information from reliable sources, and yet has been ridiculed, deemed mad, bad. By people whom never read one of his books and has never been able to counter argue his claims proving beyond any doubt that they were false.
The more we look at today’s society, world, the more we feel something is deeply wrong in how it’s structured and made to function: what if it was all along a plan, to subdue a race of creatures, mankind, capable of much more? We are not thinkers; we are knowers.




Women fought for centuries. Not against the same enemies men fought; against men unwillingness to recognise them as equals. Nope; this is not the typical post of a feminist. Read further and you’ll understand not all it what it seems, quite literally.

We fought for the right to vote, for that of equal pay and opportunities, for our freedom from the contraints that held us captive for millennia, really. The very same that shaped the world as it is nowadays.

Globally, there are 37 States in which women account for less than 10 per cent of parliamentarians in single or lower houses, as of August 2015, including 6 chambers with no women at all. Let me spell it out: Rwanda, yes, a nation considered part of the “third world”, counts the highest number of women parliamentarians worldwide. Women there have won 63.8 per cent of seats in the lower house.

As of August 2015, 11 women served as Head of State and 10 served as Head of Government: so much for over a century of “emancipation”. Not.

Did you know that in 2014, women working full time in the United States typically were paid just 79 percent of what men were paid? Women on average earn about 90 percent of what men are paid until they hit 35. After that median earnings for women shrink to 76–81 percent of what men are paid. Education is not affecting pay gap, which is worse for women of colour (

This speaks volumes about how women are treated by companies compared to men, globally. Unexplicable, yet a clear reflection of what a male majority in power brings.

I was watching a programme tonight, about Marilyn Monroe, and it occurred to me that no matter how much we fight, no matter women have outnumbered men long ago, we are still “a minority” where we could make a difference. This gave following to another thought: successful women are often unsuccessful in relationships. A stereotype, you might think: well, count how many you know that are successful and managed to retain the item of their affection, as in a male shape. For longer than a few years. I know none, sadly.

Seems men don’t like women that win at the fame/power game; do they fear a single famous, powerful woman could outshine too many of them? Maybe this is what motivates the demean enacted against women by a lot of them.

It is, alas, still too much a men’s world: to shine above them as a woman constitute in itself an intolerable act of defiance for too many. Men stick to men when it comes to politics as much as business and yes, relationships too. They rather take another man’s advice than that of a female being. And yet, looking at the current global state of things, a total failure on all fronts, social, cultural, professional, one would think they would turn to us more.

However, the road women have taken to address these issues have done nothing but worse.

Cultural marxism has spread within the core organs of our communities and within feminism lines as only a metastasis does: savaging the life out of them, eating all the good and spitting poison. Men came up with it, women adopted it in the hope it would propel feminism into the stratosphere of power. It backfired, big time; a man induced illness which affects more nastily women, demeaning instead of elevating them.

The so called “third-wave feminism” is taking our sisters and some of our brothers too by the neck, transforming them into angry, spiteful, hatreful beings unable to be objective, sustain a civil debate and appreciate the (little you might consider it) good in men’s doing. Because there is some good and we cannot ignore it. These third-wavers are nothing but hooligans that take nothing to insult or lose temper. The majority seem very ignorant, or very young. Often both. They are the fruit of insane social manipulations, confused and pressed by peers and governments in power, unable to stop one moment to gain own identity.

They attack – often even physically – everyone and anyone that stands in the way of what they have been told is good and right. Gender fluidity: the only sure thing we get to know in life is our gender, so where this fluidity intends to take it? I am not talking about transgenderism, a totally different thing. I’m talking of a stupid claim that someone etherosexual could be “gender fluid”. An idiocy so enormous that only deluded people can believe it. Besides, bisex already frames similar fluidity within a saner word.

Federalism, socialism and of course cultural marxism: the very things that piece by piece are dismantelling our individual identity in favour of a collective one, where no one is different and everyone has, as mother and father, just the authority. In the West, of course, it has succeeded in its purpose to destroy also the family unit: if we continue on this path, given how women have turned nasty against men, I suspect soon mating between the two genders will be unthinkable. At least for men (see the niceness of the third wing, a growing crowd in perennial hysteria) and especially because of said fluidity, which I believe could complicate matters incisively.

A tale of idiocy and blindness and ignorance will drag mankind to doom day, unless we regain some sense. Anyone in a sane state of mind can see the aforementioned things, taken one by one, turn out to be the same which undermined all that feminists of the “first” wave have fought for and what democracy and equality and diversity too stand for. But society nowadays is dispensing insanities, so here we are, fallen for a man made illness, fighting for all but that which made possible our birth in first place and our progress during centuries of social evolution.

Commiseration women; it appears we are the makers of our own misery. Actually, those that perpetuates it.







I’m tired, honestly tired of hearing idiocies rooting in ignorance. The biggest issue we have nowadays in our life is the effect of others’ ignorance on it. Most of the people I come across these days claim to be uninterested in politics and/or are very ignorant about the global, current state of affairs. Least, of what caused it.

Uninterested. How can anyone be uninterested about what shapes his life in all its forms? Ignorant: too busy posting a selfie on Facebook, maybe keeping up with the Kardashian, that they cannot question what TV and tabloids fed them? These kind of people are oblivious to how important it is to understand in what world we live, what spins it around, what made it this way. Mostly, what part their ignorance had and has in shaping it for others too.

Seems the majority of individuals across the world, at least those populating the so called developed countries, believe that factual truth comes to them via TV news and newspapers, for ease of consumption whilst one comfortably sits on a sofa stuffing his face. They have traded knowledge for comfort, forgetting (or forgoing) to see that media owners are the true rulers on Earth nowadays, and no one else.

Doubting? How can you, knowing they control what we know of situations, manipulate our opinion via propaganda of speculations, gaining our consensus over doings/wantings of those they support? Why would they do that, I was asked once: to gain more power. After a while money is not the objective anymore; the control of the mass is the real goal, to make it obey you, consume, work for your benefit.

How they do it, was another question. Ever heard of astroturfing? It’s a marketing technique which uses paid people posing as customers to write positive reviews about shitty stuff on the market, to affect consumers’ negative perception of a product and changing it into positive to induce purchase. Amazon is known for using it, a lot of big online sellers use it. It works in most cases because the majority of people take at face value what they are told or read; they don’t spend time researching on factual truth.

Should you wish to know more about it, watch Sharyl Attkisson, veteran investigative journalist, in this eye-opening video about how astroturfing, or fake grassroots movements funded by political, corporate, or other special interests, very effectively manipulate and distort media messages.

And just to dissipate any doubt with regards to any conspiracy or her knowledge on the matter, better know that for twenty years (through March 2014)  Attkisson was a correspondent for CBS News. Her achievements:

  • 2013, Emmy Award for Outstanding Investigative Journalism for her reporting on “The Business of Congress,” which included an undercover investigation into fundraising by Republican freshmen; Emmy nominations for Benghazi, “Dying for Security and Green Energy Going Red”; Daytime Emmy Award as part of the CBS Sunday Morning team’s entry for Outstanding Morning Program for her report: “Washington Lobbying: K-Street Behind Closed Doors.”
  • 2012, Emmy for Oustanding Investigative Journalism for the “Gunwalker: Fast and Furious” story. She received the RTNDA Edward R. Murrow Award for Excellence in Investigative Reporting for the same story.
  • 2009, Emmy Award for her exclusive investigations into TARP and the bank bailout.
  • 2002, Investigative Emmy Award for her series of exclusive reports about mismanagement at the Red Cross.

Now: once seen how well astroturfing worked in marketing, how powerful peer-review was (we should say how gullible the average person has become over decades, to be fair), political campaign organisers have adopted it. If you belong with the awoken bunch, you know how a powerful tool they have gain themselves. If you belong instead with the sleepy, hollow skulls around, your reaction would most likely be a loud laugh, then the thought or claim that these are just conspiracy theories.

But here you are very wrong dear friend: these I am writing about are no conspiracies and you, yes YOU, have been duped into believe only what they want you to believe. They know you won’t search for the truth: they keep your attention focus on anything but what they do and it’s really going on around you. Yes, they retain your attention and shift it where they want. Who are they? Those in power, those with money; power is only political or financial and to retain it one needs to control the mass, necessarily.

They tell you what to wear, what scent to use, how to cut your hair, what to read, what car to buy, or furniture, where to go on holidays, indoctrinating you on what you should aspire to in life and who you should give your trust to. The general criteria applied to the choice: appearance.

Of course; the establishment has got itself another powerful weapon: gaslighting, a form of mental abuse in which a victim is manipulated into doubting their own memory, perception, and even sanity. Hardly believable, right? And yet, it’s exactly what the establishments worldwide do to us: they lie, deny, construct via speculations the reality which suit their agendas, thus changing our perception of factual truth. The result is that we are more inclined to question ourselves and others than what we read or hear via media.

You won’t believe how much psychology is applied by media to advertising and politics. There are people out there that made a fortune out of our ignorance, naivety and gullibility.

Sadly, ignorance is the mother of the former two. It’s what has grown people into a herd of docile sheep, accolites willing to believe everything the authority tells them, without questioning, but ready to act upon it. Just like in 1984, by Orson Wells (it’s a GREAT story, everybody should read it). Back then, when he wrote it, that too was a conspiracy, just a dystopian tale. Well, reality got far beyond fiction.

Worldwide, the majority of individuals live in the soothing embrace of ignorance. It’s enough they can put food on their tables, petrol in their car and have a holiday every now on, to make them stop wondering about the implications of politics in our lives. They sold themselves to the establishments in a cheap deal: knowledge and individual power, for comfort and the illusion of freedom.

Because you know, to understand politics one needs to spend time pondering news over factual truth, which can be acknowledged only by making researches, spending time reading and digging everywhere to find it. Today people have TVs, radios and newspapers: why bothering to search?

And this is why over time I heard a tons of idiocies such as the listed (there were more):

  1. Russia is the enemy of democracy (the US its defensor, dispensing it via bombing)
  2. Assad is a murderer (based on unproven, but broadcasted and published speculations)
  3. China is a communist shit hole (said by a socialist living in the overly federalising EU)
  4. Climate change is the invention of mad scientists (no one was able to illustrate why they invented it, or what they would gain from it)
  5. Vaccines are necessary (yet there are NO scientific studies proving their efficacy)

The list could go on for a decade or more, but none of the people who claimed these idiocies had idea what they were talking about. Media must have taught them that it’s ok to express themselves, which it is; they should have mentioned that to talk about issues one needs knowledge of them, or he better shut up and go get it. For his own good.



Ah. The elusive one. The struggle it puts us through, the burden with which it pins us to the ground. I have looked far and wide for love; each time I thought of having finally found it, it left me bereft by its sudden departure. I don’t tell myself anymore that I found it: I just hope it will stay.

But what is love, anyway? The friendship between two people attracted to one another? Maybe just an illusion, the fantasy we all have of someone able to truly understand and appreciate who we are. Or the wish to leave a mark, was it a scar, in someone else’s universe, to prove we exist.

Many say love comes only once in life, if we are lucky enough. I don’t believe it’s true. I know I loved more than once, in different ways and yet as intensely and passionately as the first time. Actually, I fell in love harder long after that first time.

Love to me can only be intense and passionate, like a fire storm, burning one from inside out, shaking the core, creating chaos amongst what we know of life and ourselves, redesigning everything about and around us, so to shape the world around itself embodying all of life, including the unknown.

And of all things we need in life to prosper, love is the one we struggle to gain and yet the most important; we manage to obtain everything else, one way or another, but not love. Unless it finds us. In fact, I don’t believe we are here to do the things we do, that we are born just to grow into adults, to study so to find a job, to meet someone so to marry and have children.

I believe we are here to find our souls intangible home, one that exists only in others, through which we will reach the eternal. Not by giving physical birth to another being, but by rooting in one, becoming part of them as if born from them. I believe we are here to travel from our own personal universe to that of another person, where we will root, consolidate who we are and then leave that mark once left our body and this planet. Here to assert beyond any doubt that we existed; the only way given us to make it happen, being loved and remembered out of love.

And still we all are (or so) sort of inepts when it comes to love: we duel with our ego, beliefs, needs, principles even, failing to see that none of these things complete us as love does and we need love more than them. We fail to see its many faces: compassion, passion, empathy. We fail to see how it can change us, for the better, by finding its way among the chaos which surrounds us and reshaping it into new order. How its voice reaches us from across the nuisance of our daily motions, loud and clear, with the promises of a home we cannot buy, but only conquer. How it cures us from blindness, numbness, fears, returning us to what life is supposed to be: a journey of discovery about ourselves and where we are truly heading.

Love to me is energy that propels us forward, towards our final destination. The cure to many a problem and illness and madness. Love is the cornucopia holding all promises of happiness and achievement; without it, fame, wealth and power lose their importance: the house of a soul cannot be built on such ephemeral foundations, because the eternal only can sustain it.

Love is also what we remember best: not for what it took from us, but what it gave us; even when it almost killed us. And as far as we can go on comparing things to love, we know that without it our lives would lose sparkle and excitement. Love is the most adventurous, exhilarating of all journeys, the one we knowingly undertake in the quest to define ourselves and our lives; the one which teaches us who we are and can become.

In the end, what we have, did or said, will mean nothing unless at least one person in the world could remember us for the special, unique beings we know to be. So what is love, after all? I believe it is humans’ best ability, that of conveying in energy what we are capable of: finding a home in the impossible, in the heart of another.

So I say: when in doubt, just love. Yourselves, for you are unique. Your fears, for they will keep you safe. Your inabilities, for they point at space for improvements. Your failures more than your successes, for they are a testimony of your resilience and bravery. Your dreams, for having none equals to be already dead.

Most of all, love the possibility of love. The rest will come anyway, eventually.



Death is a solitary journey, counterpart of birth. The only two instances during which we cannot share our experience with others. It’s my idea that the first cry of babies is not only due to the pain experienced by them when lungs inflate, but due to fear.

I don’t have ideas on death, other than it can be terrifying. Fifteen days ago I witness the death of a man; I’ll never be able to overcome this.

His name was William, aged 51, travelling on his motorcycle only God knows where. It seems a car cut his way whilst he was taking it over; he crashed straight into it. I was reading a book near my lounge window, which faces the main road. It was sunny and warm and despite some traffic the noise outside wasn’t loud as it could have been. In that semi-silence I heard the sounds that led me to peer out: clack clack clack, swoooooosh. Sounds I never heard before that immediately alerted me. When I looked out I saw a well built man, dressed in biker’s gear, laying on a side in the middle of the road, right below my window.

In less than a minute I was at his side, checking on him: I knew then it was very bad. He was uncounscious, had no helmet on, a huge wound showed on the nape together with a smaller cut on the left eyebrow, and from undeneath him a trickle of blood was running. I got closer to assess if he was dead or still breathing, and then it’s when a shiver shook my spine. He opened his eyes and gurgled; I cringed. I won’t go any further with details, beside saying that in trying to comfort him from the excruciating pain he told me to be feeling, I held his hand, gently stroking his fingers.

He kept repeating he couldn’t breathe and I kept repeating him that he had to stay as still as he could, to bravely bear the pain as breathing would slowly get back to normal, to not worry, he would have been alright. All this whilst paramedics – arrived in five minutes by the watch for once – frantically worked on his body, unaware of the terror I could read in his eyes, or the tight hold he had of my hand.

There were so many people around him, and yet I had the feeling he felt alone and scared. At some point I had to let go of his hand, reluctantly, as the paramedics began to cut his clothes and needed space around him. I reached the side walk and stood there, shocked and powerless, until a police constable approached and took my details, then accompanied myself and boyfriend – whom came after me to see if he could help – back to our door, going round the cordon they had set up. My mind spinned so fast it gave me nausea. I cannot recall what about. When I finally got inside, I wanted to ensure he’d be fine and reached again the same window from where I first peered out. An helicopter had arrived, carrying surgeon and assistant, an open theatre had been set up and from behind the glass of our window we saw the man’s chest being cut open and the hands of the surgeon massaging something inside it: his heart. At that point it hit me that he was either dying or was already dead; a loud cry parted my lips and soul.

Despite evidence of his death – firefighters putting down drips, doctors removing tubes, police officers building up a tent around the stretcher where the man’s body laid – I kept praying for a miracle. I didn’t want him to die. As a matter of fact, I did not want to believe he could die. How could it be that moments before he was talking to me, holding my hand, and the next he was laying lifeless in the middle of the road, under a plastic tent?

And yet, death took him and nothing we did to prevent it worked. When I think of death – often – I imagine peaceful last moments during which one can gather to memory the most treasurable experiences he made. Make peace with the past, laugh of the struggle, be happy of what had been. But this death brought me back to reality, to the logical place where everyone can figure how fragile a thing a human being is, how easy it is for all of us to pass away, be no more part of life’s motion.

William’s death brought back sad memories of two very good friends of mine whom died prematurely. Somehow I managed to lock them away, somewhere far from my will to process them as due.  Then, once engaged in this trail of thoughts, memory called me to face the many deaths occurring daily around the globe, the many human beings whom might have gone – or be going – through the same pain, fears, without no one there, as we go on about our lives.

Suddenly my view took a different angle: I really, really need to make the most of my time here. Before it’s too late. Before losing chance of doing it.

It’s ironical that although I myself almost died a couple of times, I still can’t hold onto life as I should: giving it meaning, living it to the full, sharing it with those that truly matter and filling it with moments instead of things. I wish I had a chance to thank William, for having held my hand and for the things he, unwillingly, reminded me.

To live and rest in peace should be human beings motto; I just hope many more could see this.




The god of this world is riches, pleasure and pride, wherewith it abuses all the creatures and gift`s of God. ~ Martin Luther~

How is it created? What or who bestows it upon some of us? Is it ethically acceptable to be infinetely more rich than a whole country, and if yes, what is the purpose of being so wealthy, the final goal of it? If more people questioned wealth as I do, few would be able to abuse of it to control and exploit others.

Famously, Aristotele Onassis said “after a certain point, money is meaningless, it ceases to be the goal; the game is what counts“.

None of the wealthy people we know are concerned with ethic; to them richness is the ordinary and reality what they make of it. I despise those dismissing inequality as the natural consequence of progress, as if the sucking dry others to progress in any field of life within society could justify the achievements. It does not and it is absolutely despicable of some to think it cannot, should not even, be addressed.

I am not talking of redistribution here, alike some libtards wish to achieve under the ill-born ideology of socialism; it would be unfair to deny reward to the hard worker and pay him as much as they lazy, or to the entrepreneur risking his fortune to achieve a dream, all the while providing employment to others. I am talking of how riches are obtained, of the unfair exploitation of labour, the self-entitlement of some, whom believe to have right to decide how much another should earn, and the failing of our governments, globally, which have in place truly no laws (but pretended ones) to protect workers from an exploitation that enslaves them to a life of misery, through low paid jobs.

Not long ago I read of how much Bill Gates earns for his daily activity (which I would be interested to know more about): almost 32 million US dollars. Now, is it really a fair pay for what he did and does? Wouldn’t it be enough, say, to earn 1 million a day?

Capitalism, socialism, federalism, communism, plutocracy – which I will write about some day – are all the same thing from the worker’s point of view: an elite gets rewarded beyond merit, taking the credit, for doing nothing but use others’ efforts. People rewarded for using others to create something; what an idea. We all agree that whoever had a good one to benefit the mass (such as Internet, although I am still undecided on whether it is really benefiting us), should be rewarded. But as to how much this reward should be quantified in, I question the ethic applied by our capitalistic system.

The issue with wealth is that creates elitocracy allowing to few powers that they should never have access to. It allows them to be heard by a vast number of people, thus influencing views and understanding of situations; it therefore allows them to manipulate others, by changing their opinions, into doing or believing what suits them. It also grants them immunity to a greater extent than the permitted to commoners. Wealth compromises people’s integrity: wherever it is, there we find corruption, manipulation, deceit, abuse. True, wealth cannot buy happiness and does not buy health (to an extent it does, actually), but it can buy allegiances, media, power. I could bring up a ton of examples to support such claim, and yet I am sure there is no need to do so.

The elite hiding behind lame excuses keeps justifying its wrongdoings, as in the case of the US government making use of socialist indoctrinators to influence and manipulate gullible youngsters in universities. This was done to fulfil an agenda that would grant them such unimaginable power over the mass that talking about it one would think of conspiracies only.

Reality goes beyond fiction, that is.

Think of liberalism: human rights protecting abusers instead of victims, feminisms advocating for supremacy by teaching self-entitlement, people defending everything but their beliefs and heritage and democracy.  Five decades of indoctrination have grown the libtards we see around, whom gave birth to more (quite literally) and pardon my rant, but to see gays defending Islam (the belief that would trash them down tall buildings) and feminists demeaning men (talking of equality!), or people protesting to protect migrants rights whilst dismissing their peer citizens same rights, makes my blood boil.

Where all this rubbish came from, who stuffed people’s head with it and why?

These days many fail to see what’s going on, because the curtain of lies dropped over their eyes prevent them from realising the true power of wealth and words. Politicians and rich gets to be heard, to spread lies, to speculate very convincingly on issues touching the social and global, ultimately influencing the mass views with the consequent result of inspiring its doings. The idea of anyone believing factual truth would ever come to them whilst they sat comfortably on a sofa stuffing their faces it’s utterly ridiculous; yet the majority of people blindly trust what they hear on telly, or read on newspapers owned by people with clear political ties and agendas.

Wealth is the cancer of democracy; everyone should learn what critical thinking means and beware elite and politicians statements. Beware of words, as they can change the future.



I tried to escape poverty all of my life. I wasn’t born into it, rather fallen into her constricting embrace by misfortune, as a consequence to a series of events that saw my family’s doom. The shock of being suddenly unable to conduct life as before was the hardest thing I ever had to face. It hit me with the typical cruelty with which destitution snatches people away from others, depriving it not only of choice, freedom and wellbeing, but chances too.

During my teenage years peers would go on fancy holidays; all I dreamt of was to be able to purchase school books, which neither mother or father had money to spend for. To study became a luxury we couldn’t afford anymore, grooming and new clothes vane things, holidays just a hope. “Maybe next year we’ll manage” – mother would say with a sad smile, giving away her disappointment at not earning enough to grant us some quality time, worries free.

The most horrible thing about poverty is that poor people feel ashame of their condition, although I never did because poverty is not a choice. I was enraged instead, against a government which created that responsible for the destitution of so many, mine included. People better off often brush away with  appalling condescension the harshness of poverty. They choose to tell themselves that poor people can only be economic migrants, or the refugees from distant countries at wars; not fellow citizens born in developed countries. They deny reality because the implication of acknowledging it would require them to take action to amend the state of things, and they have no intention to worry themselves with the welfare of others, exception made for when social interaction requires to portray an image of decency very few possess.

What many call progress is nothing but exploitation of a large number of human beings in favour of a smaller group. We see the proof of this in the current, global state of affairs and especially across Europe: how many can afford holidays, a proper education, medical care, to buy a house, a car, to put anything they wish on their tables anymore? Not the majority of us.

Media used against us by an elite growing increasingly and shockingly more and more ruthless, to propagate false dogmas teaching us that if we work hard we can be whatever we wish to be, have everything we want to have, enjoy life to the full more than ever before. A lie perpetuated to the point that nowadays youngsters aspire to become football players, TV celebrities, fashion models – as if anyone truly could achieve that status – instead of scientists, matematicians, doctors. Yes, some kids understand better than others that delusions won’t help them gain a thing in life, and talent is scarcer than one might believe, in a world overly populated. But how many? Media lie to lure us into delusion, selling utopian possibilities and pushing us into wasting time pursuing them, living beyond our means, dreaming beyond our abilities and refusing to accept reality.

There is a need for sobriety in our society, to address the shameful lack of principles and inequality that govern our communities, created by few under the pretence to which capitalism has tied us to: if you work hard, you have ways to build a decent life. It is not true. There is a desperate need to readdress the state of delusion into which we have been tricked, a need for all of us to face reality and do something about what’s wrong.

Truth is that the elite has taken us hostages: via media they indoctrinate us on what to dream of, what to eat, what to believe, who to vote, whilst all along they grow us into gullible ignorant, easy to manipulate and exploit. Not a day goes by without lies and speculations being published and broadcasted to support agendas aiming at nothing but benefiting the elite.

Governments on the other side have openly sold us to banks, since decades: there isn’t one which is not privately owned and yet we are told we owe them what’s called “public” debt. How did we accrue it? I don’t think many wonder about it, or else they’d be far angrier and distrustful than they are. Truth is that elite and politicians leading by example, an army of conners and leeches is at work, daily, to find new ways to prey on our vast naivety and foolishness, to suck us dry whilst living in privilege: how can people believe that factual truth comes via tabloids, TV or politicians’ mouth? How can anyone, in these days and economic climate, believe anything they claim and still trust they have at heart and will do our best interests? I, by definition, am not a socialist; but neither I can condone the state of things and justify those who created it.

Poverty is what made us dependant on governments, a poverty those in power have created to control and abuse us for their benefit. Social support reduced to sums which do not allow people to take proper care of themselves: it appears that all a poor need to live a life worth of such definition is just food. Never mind if your hair has overgrown, your teeth need care, you might need a specialist care. Destitution affects the poorer on levels far below the line of acceptancy and decency. It kills one’s pride, for it deprives of equal opportunities and worsen not only health and mind, but look and the way in which one can carry himself amongst others.

Try go out with worn out shoes, ungroomed hair, cheap clothes and you’ll soon enough figure what being poor implies: stares and prejudice. Imagine being in need of a dental scaling, refused to you on the basis that it is not priority, the government cannot pay for your teeth health; and yet you need them healthy to survive. Ever been unemployed, ever had to go through the demeaning interrogation and privacy intrusion of a job centre, where officers weight your worth as a human being by scanning your figure up an down? If not, you yet fall into the category of those still better off and most likely won’t be able to see how degrading it is to belong to that of the poor.

The world nowadays is divided in two categories: those who walk on others and those crashed under them. Prejudice and discrimination dictating dos and donts: well paid jobs to graduated, hard labour for the undergraduated. And yes, we all know that some made it; but how many in comparison with the mass in struggle? Too few is the answer. Too few to justify the exploitation of millions.

I experienced poverty, how unmerciful, ruthless and cunning those out of it can be. And I am tired of their reign, tired of their lies and ways.

This is why I am writing: to set the record straight on those things which they wish to cover up or dismiss as unimportant. Give me words – for they left me not much else – and I might avenge and save the millions alike myself.